NexGen Fleet Management

Fleet management software helps heavy equipment rental companies save time, improve data accuracy, ensure safety and increase revenue by simplifying the way the work is performed. From creating and reviewing quotes in the sales pipeline, to scheduling equipment and personnel, to monitoring preventative maintenance, service and automating revenue reporting – NexGen fleet management software helps every department work smarter.

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Atom is a comprehensive mobile application that allows everyone in your organization to manage fleet operations from a tablet or smartphone. Managers, dispatchers, sales, operators, service employees and safety personnel will all benefit from the mobile application’s simplicity. Atom is used to remotely track all aspects of a fleet from any device. From creating quotes and work orders, to scheduling, simplifying payroll, entering labor, capturing electronic signatures securely and more, Atom helps you get your data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

With Atom you can:

  1. Remotely track all aspects of your fleet
  2. Quickly create quotes and work orders
  3. Easily assign and monitor work crews and equipment
  4. Improve safety and risk management
  5. Securely capture signatures on electronic documents

All of the information capture in Atom seamlessly flows back into NexGen in real time. So back in the office your staff will have access to all of the features from the Atom mobile fleet tracking solution, including the information and work completed on all your fleet’s smartphone and tablet devices.


Atom Product Details

Fleet Cost & Care System Features

Fleet Cost & Care’s NexGen and Atom fleet management systems enable fleet owners to enhance productivity, maximize utilization, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.

Fleet Management Overview

Fleet management software enables the heavy equipment rental industry to improve internal operations and employee efficiency by streamlining business processes, ensuring data accuracy, while promoting safety and compliance. Every role within a heavy equipment rental organization benefits from a fleet management software system.

From enhancing labor productivity in the field, to helping employees back in the office maximize asset utilization, while reducing unit downtime through mechanics and operators in the garage, all the way to upper management analyzing reports to increase revenue through detailed reporting features – NexGen and Atom are designed to improve the way work flows through your operation.


How to Buy

Fleet Cost & Care offers a variety of ways to purchase and finance the NexGen and Atom software platforms. Businesses who do not want to pay the full cost upfront can take advantage of monthly or quarterly financing options, and more.

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Fleet Cost & Care serves a variety of industries. Learn more about how NexGen and Atom work for crane rental, environmental & industrial cleanup, concrete pumping and more.

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Implementation durations vary based on the unique requirements of every project. Fleet Cost & Care will work with your team to establish a rollout strategy which will include remote and on-site training and a go-live date. You will have a dedicated implementation manager assigned to your project.

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Fleet Cost & Care rolls out several major and many minor new features and enhancements throughout the year. These enhancements come from customer feedback and industry knowledge to ensure NexGen & Atom continue to meet the evolving requirements of fleet management.

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Customers will benefit from our world-class customer support, available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Since many of our support team members are former customers, they are ready to help you tackle any challenge you may face with years of industry knowledge backing them up.

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Industry Highlight



“Thanks to the comprehensive NexGen system every department in our company has become more efficient by increasing the speed and accuracy of scheduling jobs and invoicing customers. NexGen has also enabled us to closely monitor our expenses for maintenance, repairs and purchasing. ALL Crane has come to trust the reliability of Fleet Cost & Care products and personnel.”