Fleet management software for any size company looking to streamline quotes, scheduling, maintenance, accounting, and more.
Data flows through the Fleet Cost & Care system via a step-driven process in each department. Streamline every step so information only needs to be input once…and everyone can see it and use it to keep work flowing.

Create Quotes

Salespeople can quickly produce quotes for current customers or new prospects. Pull in current customer information automatically, or quickly enter in new prospect details. Customize your quotes for your business. Standardize and simplify the quoting process.

Schedule Equipment and Employees

Built by and for heavy equipment rental, our system gives you the power to view your resource schedules the way you want to see them. Job scheduling becomes simpler when you know exactly where your resources are schedule to be and when.

Run Your Service Department

No other system is as comprehensive as ours. Your entire service department can use Fleet Cost & Care to generate work orders, track all service activities, schedule preventative maintenance, log inventory, and more. Transform your service department.

Fleet Cost & Care is more than just dispatch software.

We offer the only comprehensive fleet operations system available – we’re more than just a dispatching tool, we’re a comprehensive operations system and technology partner. Renting heavy equipment involves much more than just scheduling a job and dispatching equipment. With NexGen, you empower your employees and operations to run more smoothly, with limited interruptions and issues, leading to a more efficient and profitable business.

NexGen Fleet Management

Fleet management software helps heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations. From quoting and scheduling jobs through to invoicing customers and executing payroll, the Fleet Cost & Care system is capable of handling your heavy equipment operations from start to finish. Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, increase time spent on jobs that generate revenue. Get paid faster. Help your employees work smarter.

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Check in with your fleet no matter where you are – in the office, on a job site, at the yard, or on the beach. Ensure your employees are performing their work efficiently, safely, and without liability. Atom is a fleet management app that enables managers and their teams to efficiently navigate the complex challenges and liabilities associated with operating heavy equipment. Atom helps your field employees to be more efficient with safety checklists, job signatures, labor entry, routing, and more.

Atom Product Details

Putting Data into Action

Just like a race team we capture data. Just like a race team, we want our customers to get to the finish line first. We only succeed if we can help our customers streamline operations, gain efficiencies, and harness technology that enables them to modernize and grow.

We want you to outperform your competitors and thrive.

When you want more, choose Fleet Cost & Care.


Implementation durations vary based on the unique requirements of every project. Fleet Cost & Care will work with your team to establish a rollout strategy which will include remote and on-site training and a go-live date. You will have a dedicated implementation manager assigned to your project.

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Fleet Cost & Care rolls out several major and many minor new features and enhancements throughout the year. These enhancements come from customer feedback and industry knowledge to ensure NexGen & Atom continue to meet the evolving requirements of fleet management.

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Customers will benefit from our world-class customer support, available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Since many of our support team members are former customers, they are ready to help you tackle any challenge you may face with years of industry knowledge backing them up.

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Fleet Cost & Care provided a streamlined foundation for us as an organization to focus on what we do every day, our people, our customers, our day to day work, versus spending idle time trying to dig through back office paperwork and meaningless tasks. FCC has literally given us our professional launching pad to continue to get more granular and specific on our policies and procedures so that we can follow our strategic growth model.”​​

Shara Perez, Director of Business Operations, TNT Crane & Rigging, Inc.