Atom is a comprehensive mobile application that allows fleet owners to manage operations from a tablet or smartphone. Dispatchers, sales managers, operators, and service managers use Atom to: create quotes and work orders, assign work to mechanics, enter labor, to capture signatures on a job site, perform safety checklists, and check in on the status of the jobs for any given time period.

All of the work completed in Atom is synced in real-time with NexGen, so work being performed in the field is immediately accessible to administrative staff in the office. Payroll is one of the key areas where Atom improves efficiency by reducing the need to re-key information from one system to the next. Atom is also used to eliminate the need for paper – everything can be completed on a smartphone or tablet.

Our customers who use Atom are able to increase sales per employee and profit margins, while reducing operating costs and expenses.

Benefits of Atom

Atom is a mobile application that enables everyone in your organization to manage fleet operations from a tablet or smartphone. Managers, dispatchers, sales, operators, service employees, and safety personnel will all benefit from the mobile application’s simplicity.

A Product Focused on the Future

Our company and product growth plans include upgrading our technology framework, improving the look and feel of our user interface, developing increasingly robust reporting capabilities, and using customer feedback for product enhancements.

If your fleet isn’t already taking advantage of mobile to manage operations – it’s time to evaluate and implement the change. Both NexGen and Atom are most effective at increasing revenue when used together.