Crane and Heavy Equipment Rentals

Customers in the crane rental and heavy equipment rental industry benefit from years of industry knowledge and experience from the Fleet Cost & Care team. NexGen and Atom fleet management programs were designed with crane companies in mind and can be used to improve internal operations and employee efficiency, streamline job scheduling, quoting, and billing, all while saving time, improving accuracy, increasing revenue, and maintaining safety and compliance.

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Excavating & Earth Moving

To grow your excavating and earth moving company you need a reliable heavy equipment management system. Manage your fleet and your people effectively with a centralized fleet management software. Ensuring earth moving equipment is in top shape is key to maintaining a healthy and profitable fleet. Using the preventative maintenance side of the NexGen system, fleet managers who own earth moving equipment are able to stay on top of the service required for the complicated heavy machinery. Your service team can quickly diagnose and repair equipment both in the yard and on the job site and be accountable for a safe and maintained fleet. Are your project managers always busy visiting job sites? They can stay connected to their fleet and resources from anywhere with out Atom mobile app.

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Construction is a complex industry where fleet managers often find themselves owning a variety of equipment types while having active jobs across multiple locations. Often customers in this industry whether they are general contractors involved in commercial or road construction own yards or lots across the country and managing and tracking equipment, parts, and personnel can be cumbersome. Because of this it is necessary to have an efficient construction equipment management software system implemented to manage your assets.

Fleet Cost & Care customers in the construction industry are able to ease the complexity of their operation by implementing NexGen and Atom mobile app to track quotes, invoice customers, schedule jobs, keep track of every piece of equipment, every employee and every job. Dispatch your people and equipment more efficiently with centralized construction management software.

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Concrete Pumping

Customers in the concrete pumping industry utilize Fleet Cost & Care’s quality fleet management software to effectively manage all aspects of their operations including quoting, invoicing, scheduling, and keeping track of every job, every piece of equipment and every employee with ease.

When your technicians are on a job they can use the Atom mobile application to view job site information, complete safety checklists, capture e-signatures from customers, enter their labor and much more. Fleet maintenance can be streamlined with our effective software to improve the efficiency of your mechanics through better organization and inventory management.  Back in the office on NexGen your administrative staff can invoice customers in real-time, schedule and dispatch additional jobs, complete payroll, and much more.

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Environmental Cleanup

Environmental cleanup fleet owners often have a tremendous variety of equipment in their fleet to track, maintain and operate. From sewer cleaner units, to air vacuum trucks, hydro excavators, liquid vacuum trucks and much more, environmental cleanup rental services is complex. It’s also important to maintain compliance with safety and environmental regulations within the industry.

NexGen and Atom fleet management software make environmental cleanup fleet ownership and management easier. With NexGen, you can track every unit you own, every time it’s been used, serviced or damaged. You can also track all of the environmental compliance documentation and safety regulations required within the system. Your technicians can even use the Atom mobile application to capture required information.

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Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Managers of commercial vehicle fleets need a fleet management program and reliable dispatch software to ensure they are competitive year over year. Whether your fleet consists of utility trucks, cement mixers, semi-trucks, or other commercial vehicles, keeping your personnel and vehicles organized is essential. Nexgen is a dependable fleet management software that provides you the tools to keep your equipment and people on time. Fleet Cost & Care’s Atom mobile app is a powerful tool that allows drivers to receive job tickets, enter labor, receive approval signatures from anywhere.

Fleet management software improves internal operations and employee efficiency, streamlines job scheduling, quoting, and billing, all while saving time, improving accuracy, increasing revenue, and maintaining safety and compliance.

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Hear What Our Customers Say:

“We are very pleased with the service we have received from Fleet Cost & Care. They have been attentive to each request we have made and went out of their way to comply with our individual needs. Their support team is excellent in resolving issues in a quick, efficient manner. They stick with it until the issue or request is resolved to our satisfaction.”

– KIM OWENS, OFFICE MANAGER, Environmental Rental Services (ERS)
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