Quote. Schedule. Dispatch. Service. Repeat.

Built by and for equipment owners. Designed to manage fleet operations from quote to cash. Reduces time spent on administrative tasks so you can focus on jobs that grow your revenue.

A fleet management app for all your operations, accessible everywhere, on any device – in the office, on a job site, at the equipment yard, or on the beach.. Ensure your employees are performing their work efficiently and safely.

The Future of Fleet Technology Is Now

Every innovation needs a strong foundation. Technology isn’t meant to replace, it’s meant to enhance, to expedite and to serve the needs of those willing to use it. The Fleet Cost & Care software solution is a tool and it’s designed to work for you. Unleash the full potential of your fleet.

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Simpler fleet operations. Greater productivity. Better business.
Data flows through the Fleet Cost & Care system via a step-driven process in each department. The outcome is business intelligence that can be used to make smart operating decisions.

Eliminate Standalone Systems

Gain productivity and save money by eliminating the need for standalone systems. Establish a baseline operations system for all workflows.

Standardize Your Processes

Take advantage of a solution built by and for heavy equipment rental operations. Use the system to standardize the way work flows through your business.

Generate Greater Profits

Increase sales per employee and profit margins, reduce operating costs and expenses; leading to higher profits and greater financial liquidity.

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Listen to customers from TNT Crane & Rigging, Sims Crane, and Wilkerson Crane tell their stories of success after becoming Fleet Cost & Care customers.

“Fleet Cost & Care was the only system that had 180% of what we needed. It was never a question to us whether or not this became an option – it was the best decision for the future of our company.” 

Trusted by industry leaders since 1993
Built for equipment rental operations, only Fleet Cost & Care delivers the most comprehensive, scalable, and trustworthy fleet management solution with industry expertise and expert customer support.
A Product Focused on the Future

Our company and product growth plans include upgrading our technology framework, improving the look and feel of our user interface, developing increasingly robust reporting capabilities, and using customer feedback for product enhancements. Our product development team is comprised of more than 15 developers and product owners. We work hard for you, so you can work for smarter your customers.



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Built by Fleet Owners, Supported by Experts

The Fleet Cost & Care leadership group is backed by decades of ongoing experience in fleet ownership at the JJ Curran Crane Group.

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