Simpler Operations. Greater Productivity. Better Business.
Our software gives you and your team an easy to follow, step-driven process that captures the right information, in real-time. No more waiting. No more paper. Give your employees the information they need, exactly when they need it, so they can get their jobs done faster.
Using our mobile fleet management application, your employees in the field can complete safety inspection checklists, take pictures, and collect signatures on a job site. They can even enter their labor for the day, and it will be sent automatically to your staff for processing.
Proud to be Your Technology Partner for over 30 Years

We are proud of our journey that began over 30 years ago. With unwavering commitment, we take pride in over three decades of providing unparalleled solutions and are thankful for our customers who put their trust in our solutions and our people. Join us as we reflect on the milestones that define our legacy and reaffirm our dedication to serving you with excellence.

Quote. Schedule. Dispatch. Service. Repeat.
With Fleet Cost & Care, tasks that were once manual are now automated. Your sales and dispatch teams will spend less time cleaning up errors and more time doing the real work that drives revenue. Your employees in the field can complete safety inspection checklists, take pictures, and collect signatures on a job site. All of the relevant data from Fleet Cost & Care then integrates with your accounting system so you can get invoices out quickly, get paid faster, and process payroll efficiently.

Eliminate Standalone Systems

Gain productivity and save money by eliminating the need for standalone systems. Establish a baseline operations system for all workflows.

Standardize Your Processes

Take advantage of a solution built by and for heavy equipment rental operations. Use the system to standardize the way work flows through your business.

Generate Greater Profits

Increase sales per employee and profit margins, reduce operating costs and expenses; leading to higher profits and greater financial liquidity.

Partners in Superior Protection

Fleet Cost & Care has partnered with NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc. (NBIS), a leader in specialty construction risk management and insurance, to ensure technology plays a critical role in managing risk in the crane, rigging, and specialized transportation industries.

If you are a current NBIS customer, ask us about our preferred pricing incentive.

Putting Data into Action

Just like a race team we capture data. Just like a race team, we want our customers to get to the finish line first. We only succeed if we can help our customers streamline operations, gain efficiencies, and harness technology that enables them to modernize and grow.

We want you to outperform your competitors and thrive.

When you want more, choose Fleet Cost & Care.
A Product Focused on the Future

Our company remains the industy leader by continuously enhancing our solutions through the feedback and suggestions from our customers and highly skilled staff. Our software solutions and talented team are the cornerstone of our business.

Fleet Cost & Care’s robust system allows companies to grow and adapt to change by managing the increasing complexities of business environments, connecting all users to a real-time single source of information. We help improve our customers operations and collaboration with access anytime, anywhere on any device.


An Industry Partner and Trusted Advisor Since 1993
Our software saves you and your team time and money and helps you think about more important profits and safety. Get a demonstration on how any size company will see real benefits and savings by investing in fleet management software from Fleet Cost & Care.
A Participant in Leading Industry Associations
Hear What Our Customers Say:

“We like that our billing and payroll can be turned around within hours with the use of Atom and e-tickets. We certainly do not miss the mounds of paper on our desks! Also, the reporting value that NexGen offers, is great. We have drastically cut down on the amount of time spent manually sourcing data. The benefits are immeasurable!”

Morgan Hollister-Durrance, Corporate Training Manager, Sims Crane & Equipment
Built by Fleet Owners, Supported by Experts

The Fleet Cost & Care leadership group is backed by decades of ongoing experience in fleet ownership at the JJ Curran Crane Company.

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