Maximize Safety & Efficiency

Fleet Cost & Care is dedicated to providing built-in features that keep safety and risk management a documented part of every job

Partners in Superior Protection

Fleet Cost & Care has partnered with NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc. (NBIS), a leader in specialty construction risk management and insurance, to ensure technology plays a critical role in managing risk in the crane, rigging, and specialized transportation industries.

If you are a current NBIS customer, ask us about our preferred pricing incentive.

Insurance Benefits
Technology Plays A Critical Role In Managing Risk

Reduce Risk Profile

Manage contracts and risk transfer protection at a much a higher level

Manage Maintenance More Efficiently

Proactively manage maintenance to reduce wear and tear, and provide documentation in the event of a claim


Provide a solid defense in the event of a claim with job ticket and maintenance schedule reporting


An Industry Partner and Trusted Advisor Since 1993
Our software saves you and your team time and money and helps you think about more important profits and safety. Get a demonstration on how any size company will see real benefits and savings by investing in fleet management software from Fleet Cost & Care.

Fleet Cost & Care is proud to partner with NationsBuilder Insurance Services, Inc. (NBIS) to offer a preferred pricing incentive to all NBIS insureds.